The Annie & Anya Foodie Trail: Bento: Teddy in a romper!

To tell you the truth, I’ve never really had any experience with Japanese bento meals. I thought it would be challenging to try my hand at assembling one courtesy this food meme.

But this is a bit of a hack job coz I didn’t even have a real tiffin box. I’ve basically used whatever decent restaurant takeaway container I could find. Also, didn’t find the time to shop and buy nori sheets like I originally planned. So I just followed a rough outline of what is to be done and dug inside the fridge and came up with this last minute teddy in a romper bento. ūüėČ

Well, that’s it. Meme accomplished. Like I said in the beginning, never set out to make a point. This was¬†a purely fun exercise made even more enjoyable with Anupma Bakshi lending me company. I’d like to believe it’s only made us realise the extent of our potential and¬†how much¬†happiness food invariably generates.

So thank you Anu, this one’s for you.


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The Annie & Anya Foodie Trail

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