The Annie & Anya Foodie Trail: Exotic India: Valval

This week’s foodie theme is Exotic India.

Honestly, what may seem exotic to a person of one region might be routine for those hailing from the region it belongs to. Ambiguous description notwithstanding, the idea is to cook something not too mainstream but out of our familiarity zone.

Initially, I wanted to prepare the Kashmiri delicacy, Nadru Yakhni but I couldn’t find the seasonal lotus stems in any vegetable market close home. Then I recalled having this fun conversation I had with Namrata where she shared a recipe of a Mangalorean style curry she relishes.

Basically it’s pumpkins (red and white), colocasia and beans cooked in coconut milk.

What I like about this dish is that there’s nothing severe about it. Not too many ingredients, not too many spices — it’s all about the vegetables soaking in the minimal seasoning, the fragrant coconut milk and how the combination of it all comes alive in your mouth.

Valval Valval Valval valval5

And here’s a look at what Anupma Bakshi rustles up this week: Mambazha Pulissery & Thoran Rice Platter.

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The Annie & Anya Foodie Trail

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