The Annie & Anya Foodie Trail: Pasta: Four Cheese Ravioli in Butter Sage Sauce

Earlier this year, Anupma Bakshi had an idea of us doing a photo project together. Then I thought we could have a foodie theme since both of us love to nom.

We decided to roll with The Annie & Anya’s Foodie Trail in September.

The idea here is to explore and challenge ourselves by setting up weekly themes, which gives us the chance to flex our creativity and conquer our apprehensions of tricky recipes. Nah, it’s not all that serious, no point to prove, no agenda to serve. We are simply hoping to have lots of fun taking this trip to the kitchen and back, sort of like a playground for grownups. 😛

And it all begins with pasta about which legendary Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini once said: Life is a combination of magic and pasta. Quite a bit of it is true but I discovered it only a little more than a decade ago. I didn’t grow up on mac and cheese, a staple of most kids these days.

My editor, a true culinary enthusiast, took colleagues and me to Juhu’s Little Italy in 1999 and that’s when I had my first taste of Penne Arrabiataa. I didn’t take to it instantly but, over the years, I have developed a keen palate for Italian delicacies.

When I traveled to Italy, I gorged on the most magnificent Manicotti and sublime Cacio E Pepe known to mankind.

Bottomline: I love pasta. I eat it almost every single week. One of my favorites is farfalle in roasted red bell pepper sauce.  For the project though, I’ve prepared four-cheese (ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and edam) ravioli (pasta sheets from scratch) in butter sage sauce.

Here goes:

Four cheese ravioli in butter sage sauce. Four cheese ravioli in butter sage sauce. Four cheese ravioli in butter sage sauce.

And here’s a look at Anupma aka Annie’s gorgeous creation — a warm summer pasta salad.

The Annie & Anya Foodie Trail

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