The Annie & Anya Foodie Trail: Mexican: Homemade nachos and salsa bar

Can food be fun? Mexican cuisine certainly is.

I’ve tried my fair share at it —burrito, quesedilla, fajita, hot chocolate (the Mexican way), fried rice and mmmmmm mmmmmm is all I really need to say.

This week’s theme is Mexican cuisine so I thought I’ll set up a mini nachos bar. Basically, Homemade tortilla corn chips (corn dough is super tricky to work with, by the way) with different kinds of salsa and thingums to dunk the nachos in.

And so there is roasted zucchini salsa, pico de gallo, grilled corn salsa, refried beans and cheese sauce.

What I discovered: zucchini can sure kick avocado’s ass and how. (Having said that, I love you, guacamole.)

Okay, so I clearly got a little ambitious here and it was pretty exhausting especially the never-ending chop, chop, chop. My enthusiasm may lead you to believe I am dynamism personified. You could not be more wrong. 😉

But here’s why I’d like to think it was worth it.

Homemade nachos and salsa bar Homemade nachos and salsa bar Homemade nachos and salsa bar Homemade nachos and salsa bar

And now go drool over what Anupma Bakshi, hard to believe it’s first ever go at Mexican, has got to offer:  Mexican Chorizo Hash Skillet with Jalapeño Salsa.

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