When Snowy met Strawberry Cake

Snowy learned there’s Theobroma’s fresh cream cake with syrupy strawberries inside the refrigerator. He patiently waited for the door to open and someone to take it out so that he could grab a bite. I don’t know when he jumped out and clasped to the edges of the cake tray.

When no one was looking, he quietly sneaked out for a peekaboo.


Sensing no danger around, Snowy’s courage got a boost. He sprang his neck out some more.


And when I left the room to fetch my camera, he was already on top of the cake.

“The strawberries look too luscious to resist,” said Snowy and smacked his lips.


“Main jaa chuki hoon,” he remembered this line from a recently released movie and, inspired, Snowy, resolved there’s no looking back. Gobble, gobble, bow, wow!


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