Day 22-Day 30 (The 30-Day-Photography Challenge)

Day 22: Inspirational: Looney tunes!

The thing about cartoons is they’re always happy and they recover from just about everything. And that gusto inspires me.
Looney Tunes!Day 23: Patterns: Darth Vader cubes, anyone?

I just adore what they’ve done with something as boring as ice cube molds by lending it a shape of the coolest villain on the face of this earth and a galaxy far, far, away.
Darth Vader cubes, anyone?

Day 24: Animal: Wildlife lovelies.

Nom-nom time for these pretty ones at Knowsley.
Wildlife lovelies.Day 25: Strangers: Girl in blue turban.

Snapped this girl with striking kohl-eyes in a huge crowd at the Jaipur Lit festival earlier this year.
Girl in blue turban

Day 26: Close-up: Lasagna feast.

Nothing looks as lip-smacking as food up, close and personal.
Lasagna feast!

Day 27: Celebration: Cheers to togetherness.

Some folks still carry on the dying tradition of exchanging cards.
Cheers to togetherness!

Day 28: Flowers: Anniversary anthuriums. 

I love the leathery, glossy texture of these bright red flowers.
Anniversary anthuriums

Day 29: Black and white: Because he’s AWESOME.

Po-w wow!
Because he's awesome!

Day 30: Self-portrait: Gulabi aankhen?

It’s only fitting I wrap this project with a touch of Bollywood. 😉

Gulabi aankhen!


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