Experiments in the Kitchen: Crêpes with Strawberries and Cherry Wine-Yogurt Sauce

Crêpes must be the food of fairies — so utterly delicate, beautiful, and divine.

Unlike pasta, I got introduced to this popular French version of the pancake while I was still in school.

Ma learned the recipe from a family friend and she’d make us savory crêpes with a cheese filling and tomato sauce on many a weekends. Later on, I tried quite a few versions myself.

Anyhow, I found this crêpe dessert recipe while randomly surfing one day. And the simple procedure and a couple of interesting ingredients had me excited.

Problem now was finding strawberries. Every time I checked, both the local fruit vendor and the supermarket were out of strawberries. Just when I had forgotten about it, mom received an edible fruit bouquet on her birthday. As luck would have it, it had tons of strawberries.

So as soon as the weekend arrived and I had time to experiment in the kitchen, I did.

Basically you need to make crêpes using all purpose flour with milk and salt. Slice a bowl full of strawberries on the side; pour some powdered sugar on top so they taste succulent and sweet. Now for the unique part of this recipe –the wine and yoghurt sauce, all you need is a bowl of thick yogurt, a couple of tablespoons honey, a sprinkle of orange rind and a tablespoon of dessert wine, I used Taylor and Shroff’s Cherry Wine although the original recipe said Bonterra Muscat dessert wine. I don’t know much about wines or spirit but this worked just fine I thought. It lends the sauce a nice piquancy.

So basically once you’ve got crêpes ready, fold them in neat triangles, splatter some sauce, toss the sweetened strawberries and dust a little powdered sugar on top and bless me. 😉

Crêpes with Strawberries and Cherry Wine-Yogurt Sauce.Crêpes with Strawberries and Cherry Wine-Yogurt Sauce.


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