My Experiments in the kitchen: Of King Bruce and ravioli

Spinach RavioliI make pasta very often, I like to have it at least more than a few times a week and prefer the Italian staple to be home made. Of course, the pasta itself is always bought from the store (farfalle being my favourite).  But usually it’s always about experimenting with various sauces.

As much as I love the occasional ravioli, I never thought of trying to make it. Simply because there’s nothing like ravioli sheets available in the market, not the ones I frequent anyway. And I wasn’t sure lasagna sheets would have the same effect. One of my acquaintances, she specializes in all things food, suggested if I am keen I should simply buy one of those frozen samosa patty packets and use that as a wrapper for the filling. I made a mental note of it.

Recently while doing grocery, I remembered this conversation while standing in front of the frozen food department. I looked for the patty but they didn’t have any in stock. I came home a bit disappointed but by now the must-cook-ravioli bug had bitten me and I was determined to start from scratch.

Browsing on various food blogs, I noticed most pasta recipes use egg. I needed an eggless version. So I found a few, which said mix all purpose flour with semolina, oil, salt and warm water and knead a dough, roll it thin and you’ve got your ravioli wrapper.

I did that. For the filling and sauce, I followed Gordon Ramsay’s spinach, ricotta and pine nut with brown butter sauce recipe. I didn’t have sage so I used the leftover rosemary from the focaccia experiment.

So here is the final thing, with parmesan sprinkled on top. I don’t exaggerate when I have done well, I don’t hold back when I have not.

The pasta wasn’t all that great; it was edible but a tad too chewy — an extreme amateurish attempt. The filling, I must admit, was terrific. The sauce was nice but sage is sage, rosemary is rosemary, one cannot substitute the attributes of one herb with another.

But I’ll try again till I succeed. King Bruce is my hero, remember?

Spinach ravioli
Update: Second batch was decidedly better.  🙂

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