In Pix: The Dazzling Dozen of 2012!

This is the part where your jaw drops on the floor, you don’t even realise you’re not breathing, the world seems like a divine space and, well, it’s the real reason why we all go to the movies.

So I watched a lot (debatable) of films this year, not as many (or the ones) I would have liked to. Missed quite a few significant ones (such a pity). But there are ones which floored me with their magnitude, brilliance, wackiness, sweetness, sentimentality, philosophy and charisma.

This is not any best film list but merely a compilation of my favourite imagery in film (outside Bollywood) this year. I am not accompanying it with any captions since these pictures are worth a thousand anyway.

Moonrise Kingdom

The Avengers

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


The Dark Knight Rises


From Up On Poppy Hill

Beasts of the Southern Wild

The Grey


Rock of Ages

The Expendables 2



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