Set Dosa

It’s always nice to know what your favourite people like to eat. Ever since I began dating Anshul, I’ve witnessed him drool over the memories of Set Dosa. Back when he was doing his engineering in Bangalore, he fell in love with this fluffy version of rice pancake or dosa, which I believe is a blockbuster level snack in those parts. After such excessive recommendation, I made it a point to try one whenever I am in Bangalore, which was not too long ago – May 2010. I had one in Mysore too. It tastes wonderful, I agree.

With this project, I get the opportunity to attempt a lot of recipes I normally wouldn’t venture into. No points for guessing what I tried this week. Once I found a recipe that made sense to me, I began the pre-production, a mandatory in dosa, which has so much more than a readymade batter to it.

Soak one cup of rice (any kind) with a teaspoon of methi (fenugreek) seeds in water. Similarly 3/4th cup of poha (puffed rice) in 1/4th cup of whipped yogurt, allow both the mixes to settle for like five hours.  Drain the rice without losing the seeds and empty out the contents of both the mixes into a mixer and grind it into a not too thick-not too thin smooth paste. Use water to get the right consistency.  Let the batter ferment overnight. Next day, add a pinch of sugar and soda, whip it nice and good. Heat a non-stick tawa (flat pan), grease it with ghee and prepare mid-size pancakes.

Traditionally, set dosas are accompanied with mixed vegetable curry named Sagu. But I am not a fan. I prefer sambhar, coconut chutney or molaga podi powder. It’s up to you, really.

So, anyway, I’m all ‘set.’  Ansh, this one’s for you. 🙂

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