Project 2011: Samosas

When I was in school, like all kids, I’d get excited about the summer vacation. But I had an additional reason to be so. My grandmother’s samosas!

Baumaji, as we all fondly addressed her, made the most delicious samosas mankind has ever tasted. Since I didn’t really have much tolerance for excessively greasy and spicy food, I quite disliked the ones you get at shops and halwais. And so every summer, we visited her or vice versa, and she’d make piping hot samosas especially for me with such amazing warmth and love, all I could do was gobble them up in awe and admiration.

My mom’s the only one after her who makes them just like Baumaji. Today, I tried too.

This recipe will make around 10 medium-sized samosas. First, take two generous tablespoons of maida (refined wheat flour), add two tablespoons of melted ghee, sprinkle a pinch of salt and around one teaspoon of ajwain (or carom) seeds and knead it into tight dough with water.

For the filling, pick two medium-sized boiled potatoes, peel and grate them into a nice mash. Meanwhile heat one tablespoon oil in a kadhai and add cumin seeds, a pinch of asafoetida and red chilli powder. The minute the cumin begins to sputter, toss a tiny bite of grated ginger and one finely chopped green chilli into the oil. After two-three minutes, introduce the potato mash into the kadhai. Add salt as per taste, garam masala and amchur (mango) powder and mix it up nice and good.

Back to the dough, roll tiny balls into mini discs, cut them in half and fold each half into a conical structure inside which small portions of the potato filling are set and pressed gently with a dab of water. Deep fry them till they acquire a crisp, golden texture. Scrumptious samosas are best had sizzling hot with tamarind chutney, coriander/mint dip or good ol’ tomato ketchup.

Think my grandma would have patted my back for this one. 😀





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