Project 2011: Lemon Fingerling Potatoes

I am crazy about French fries. Who isn’t? But sometimes I want to eat something a bit more elaborate than fries and wedges.

While looking for a interesting recipe I discovered this recipe by Martha Stewart. Now we don’t get anything like fingerling potatoes here. So I went with regular ones.

This is a super simple recipe but with some pretty cool ingredients thrown in. All you got to do is boil three-four potatoes, peel them and cut them into wedges. Meanwhile, take a pan/skillet, heat a tbsp of olive oil, add some chopped spring onions, a clove of garlic till they’re kind of golden pink. Add the potatoes. Cook till it’s a nice shade of crispy brown, like 10-15 mins. Now you pour 1/4th cup of white wine and salt and let it cook on low flame till it the potatoes soak it up. Turn off the gas, squeeze half a lemon’s juice followed by a sprinkling of salt, pepper and chopped thyme with a dollop of butter for a final touch.

Comfort food doesn’t get any better than this.

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