Project 2011: Anya’s Tea-time Cake

I had this strong urge to bake today. Was planning on making something else but turns out those stupid people at the supermarket wrongly labeled thyme as rosemary. And I was stupid enough to not note the difference till it was time to cook. Anyhow, a girl’s got to bake what a girl’s got to bake.

On such short notice, I wasn’t sure what I could do. That’s when I began to hurriedly scout for all the required ingredients to make an eggless cake. Since there wasn’t any cocoa powder and the chocolate bars are much too precious to experiment with, I thought how about vanilla cake. Luckily, there’s a bottle of vanilla essence in the fridge. Once you’ve got it all together, there’s not much to scamper about. Mix the flour, melted butter, condensed milk, baking powder, milk and vanilla essence in a bowl and whip into a nice, smooth, no-lumps batter. Afterwards, pour the contents into a greased baking tin and place the same in a pre-heated oven.

Now I had no idea about the measurements or how long I am supposed to bake it, I simply went on my instincts. And boy, did they not let me down. Although at some point, I admit, I had no clue what I was doing and the nervousness got the better of me as I turned clumsy and began to spill the ingredients all over the floor and platform. While the cake was in the oven, I cleared all the mess. It wasn’t too long before the wonderful aroma of vanilla began to take over the entire kitchen.

The cake turned out AWESOME. I’ve eaten three huge slices already. I am going to call it Anya’ tea-time cake, care to join my party? The Mad Hatter’s coming too! 🙂

Current Music: Glass onion-The Beatles
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