My Experiments with Food: Cocktail Pizza

The other day I was at Camy Wafers in Lokhandwala Market. Everyone who lives in Bombay knows what a joy that shop is for snack lovers. That’s when I spotted a packet of whole wheat coin pizzas and I knew what I am making next.

I’ve made a conventional pizza before but this time I decided to follow my own recipe. So I chopped a ripe red tomato, firm capsicum and ravishing spring onions into tiny pieces on my board. Then I placed the pan on medium heat, tossed a dollop of butter, put in the spring onions and some fresh rosemary leaves. When it became pinkish, add all the capsicum pieces followed by some salt (according to taste) and generous sprinkling of freshly ground pepper. After a couple of minutes, time to introduce the tomatoes along with some three tablespoons worth pizza ketchup I had lying with me. Cover the pan with a lid and allow the veggies and sauce to have a hot make-out session. 😉

Once the sauce was ready, I greased the baking utensil with some butter. Previously, when I was making the sauce, I had preheated the oven for a bit so that it bakes nice and good. With a tiny spoon, I placed small portions of the veggies sauce, along with succulent bits of olive stuffed with pimento, on the base. Instead of the usual mozzarella shavings, I opted for small chunks of paprika flavoured cream cheese, another sprinkling of pepper and some oregano. And then I baked this colorful looking set for approximately 15-20 minutes.

It’s a healthy (whole wheat, remember?), yummy appetizer that works its charm on the fussiest of eaters. Bon appétit!

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