My Experiments with Food:Homemade strawberry jam

I’ve always been enamored by the art of making jam. In fact one of my favourite episodes in Friends (The One with the Jam) involves Monica Gellar making tons of it to de-stress herself after a bad break up. I love jam since I was little tot. But I always felt the ones available in the market are excessively sweet, probably to preserve it longer.

Anyhow, so the moment I spotted this box of fresh strawberries in the refrigerator, I knew what I am going to do. After browsing through a bunch of recipes, I thought how about making a small batch that can be easily consumed.

So…first I cut the strawberries into even halves and then I poured a small cup of crushed sugar on top. Allow the mix to marinade for four hours or so. Empty the bowl containing those juicy strawberries into a pan, add one tablespoon of lemon juice and, on medium heat, keep stirring it during constant intervals. Take a potato masher and crush the strawberries into tiny pieces as you go. After 10-15 minutes, when it’s all bubbly and gooey, empty the pan into a glass jar and allow it to cool.

Now, you’re the proud creator of some truly yummy jam. Oh boy, I’ve outdone myself this time. At the risk of sounding immodest, I think I made some outstanding jam today. Yo Joey, wanna try some? 🙂

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