The Last Word meme

Use one word to sum up your feelings about a certain sentiment, instance or person.

A day full of shopping: Choices.

Greatest nightmare ever: Abscess.

What I love about a holiday: Discovery.

Transistion from dating to marriage life: Adventurous.

Favorite indulgence: Artistry.

Electronic media: Pompous.

Obama’s visit to India: Special.

The best and worst thing about being a girl: Attention.

Happiness is a plate full of: Possibilities.

One word that comes to mind when you hear these random names:
Uma Thurman: Yellow.
Buddha: Light.
Winona Ryder: Pixie.
Jawaharlal Nehru: Awe.
Lady Gaga: Fraud.
Tim Burton: Eyes.
Apple: Sexy.
Barkha Dutt: Frumpy.
Lindt: Smooth.
Jennifer Aniston: Golden.
Finland: Santa.
Tulips: Keukenhof.
Nigella Lawson: Delish.
Disney: Heigh-ho.
Joker: Make-up.
Aamir Khan: Marketing.
Olive Oil: Bruschetta.
Jude Law: Mouth.
Mumbai: Home.
Takeshi Kaneshiro: Poetry.

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