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How can reading be a status symbol?
I mean,  don’t you read because you want to?  Because you like it?
How can you flaunt someone else’s intellect or imagination like your own achievement? Just because you got it? That’s amusing.
A true author writes, not to prove some point but because he has a story to tell. It’s as simple as that. It could be a few words. It could be several volumes. But you cannot judge the skill of the written word as good or bad on the strength of copious  prose alone let alone brag about it like some conquest.
Admiring someone’s work, quoting them in awe and enthusiasm is one thing. But to judge one from the other on the basis of who and what they read reflects shallow conceit and a glaring unwillingness to accept others above the superficial and beyond the alternatives.
Extend. Embrace. Elate.
Current Music: Mother-Yann Tiersen
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