My Top 10 Dream Destinations!

One of my favourite words, apart from butter and sophistication, has got to be travel.

I know I am not going on a vacation anywhere for a long time so to indulge myself I made up this list.

Wish lists have some sort of a therapeutic effect. No matter it gets granted or not, the basic idea is to hope it will and feel good about it.  Even if only momentarily so.

So here it is. My top 10 destinations in reverse order and why. Although I must add, it’s a rather inconstant listing that keeps altering with my changing mood, realization or priority:

10. United States of America
Disneyworld –it’s every kid’s ultimate fantasy. Thankfully, I’ve not grown out of it. Plus now they are opening up a Harry Potter theme park as well. So it’s a bonus. I’ve always wondered about the comparisons between NYC and Mumbai as well. Apart from the obvious reasons, I’m most fascinated with the natural beauty of Maine (I want to visit it in autumn) and Montana (Fly-fishing! Yes, I draw my inspiration from Robert Redford’s A River Runs Through It.)

9.  South Africa
My brother’s been there. He says people there don’t just exist, they really know how to ‘live.’ Also, it seems like an exquisite combination of wild and idyllic. And I would like to experience that very much, first hand.

8.  New Zealand
Purely because I am a fan of Chris Cairns and Lord of the Rings.  Of course it’s stunningly picturesque and offers a great deal of outdoor adventures. I’ll be the only who comes back without bungee jumping though. I don’t like the idea of making an effort to get an adrenalin rush.

7. Germany
I wish to fly to Germany and visit the amazingly romantic state of Bavaria. It’s brimming with gorgeous castles including the renowned Neuschwanstein, scenic landscapes, the Alps and a great deal of other goodies including chocolate.

6. Hong Kong
Not every destination has to be about soaking in the culture and sight-seeing alone. It could also be pure guilty pleasure –food, shopping, and chilling-out. Hong Kong appears to be a lot of fun in that regard. It’s my idea of a perfect quickie vacation.

5. France
Considering I’ve already been to Italy, it’s only fair I make a trip to France so that I can complete the circle of holiday heaven. Apart from the regular romantic Paris ‘n’ Eiffel Tower madness, I’d like to hit the country side –break bread, drink wine, the works.  French cinema is so brilliant in their vision and quirkiness; I want to see where that comes from.  This is one country where I’d love to go on long, reflecting walks.

4. Peru
Everyone should visit a country they know very little about.  I want to learn more about Peru besides its Machu Picchu USP, which is simply breathtaking by the way.  I know I’d go crazy shopping at the local handicrafts as well clicking pictures of what remains of this ancient civilization. Apart from my veggie-food concerns, this is one mean adventure I am more than willing to get on board.

3. Russia
So Europe. Yet so distinct. A class apart. The architecture is simply beyond grand. Its natural beauty is fierce and vivid. Russia has so much to offer — just the thought of going there conjures a dazzling imagery in front of my eyes.  It’s insane but I actually want to get a taste of the infamous Russian winter.

2. Japan
What is there Japan cannot offer? Culture? Check. Cuisine? Check. Cinema? Check. Coolness? Check.  But most of all I want to check out Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli Museum, everything and anything on Doraemon, buy all possible cuteness-rich merchandise and check the insides of a bullet train. Japan embodies the future for me.  Always has. Always will.

1. Scandinavia
Cheating, I know. But hear me out. Agreed Scandinavia is not one country. But just like I traveled to ALL of UK, I plan to visit Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland in one go. These four have been consistently on top of my travel wish-list for years now. Guess my fondness for Europe is rather evident through this list. And these four awesome countries attract me like crazy. They are inherently beautiful. The grandeur is unsurpassed.  The lifestyle, fashion, technology and art is both eclectic and edgy.  Yes, whenever it happens, there’ll be a series of gushing travelogues to go.

That will be the day.

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