The Italian Pix Festival-2

After a rather long break, I’ve finally found time to upload the second part of my trip to Italy, a gorgeous hub of glamorous culture and gastronomical delights.

There are just so many pictures to choose from, it leaves me in a crazy state of exasperation and eagerness. I want to share it all. If only I wasn’t so lazy.

Anyhow, time to remedy that with this grand sight of the utterly majestic Colosseum.  Before I came here, I’ve never given much thought to its reputation as one of Roman architecture’s finest creations. But once I saw it, I loved it so much, I came here twice.  There’s so much history and thrill attached to this place that being here was a huge high.

As is with most major tourist attractions, outside the Colosseum there were quite a few artists offering their work for a price. Great strategy for there wasn’t any shortage of enamored visitors either.

Wonder if he’s anticipating some more tourists his way? With that physique, he won’t have any problem getting attention.  Spotted this sculpted fella  at the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II. Unfortunately,  the building was undergoing restoration so I couldn’t get too many long shots.

Took this from a bus. What a view, right? That’s St Peter’s Basilica across the bridge or Ponte Vittorio above the Tiber river.

There’s no way you can miss the overwhelming presence of marionettes in Florence.  Like I mentioned in my previous entry, Pinocchio’s creator Carlo Collodi was a Florentine and the art has far from faded.

This was inside the Pantheon. Man, felt great to be in the company of all the great Gods of Rome. While outside the temple there’s a flurry of tourists, mock gladiators and guides, it boasts of an exceptionally peaceful interior.

What did I say about men dressed in Roman costumes? There you go. Maybe we could have attractions like people queuing up to pose with a character dressed up like Lord Krishna in places like Dwarka or Brindavan.

This is no exaggeration but there’s seriously marvelous sculpture to be seen at the jaw-dropping glorious Trevi fountain. It’s packed with visitors from every corner of the world throwing in coins, making a wish. Before my husband and I could have our very own Audrey Hepburn-Gregory Peck moment inspired by Roman Holiday, I caught this fine lady on my camera.

Unmoved by the hot sun or constant influx of crowds, a bunch of pigeons revel in the cool waters of Fontana della Barcaccia . The fountain is said to be the inspiration behind English Poet John Keats’ epitaph that read ‘Here lies one whose name was writ in water.’ The building in which Keats spent his last days is adjacent to the Spanish Steps, which in turn is right above the fountain.

Not too far from the Spanish Steps is Via Condotti, a seriously chic street that houses every international fashion designer, most of them Italian, you can think of.  I spent a major chunk of my day just going in and out of stores.  Being a self-confessed shopaholic, I had the time of my life. Boy, do the attendants here indulge you? Even if you’re not buying they make you feel really special and RICH. 😉

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