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  1. Safee says:

    Hi sukanya….

    Ur photos are simply awesome….. feel different angle…. different styles…… I think you are from India…. and plz put some photos that u have taken from Indian backgrounds………….

  2. Srisankar says:

    Beautiful collection…. Keep up the good taste…..

  3. Prachi Tyagi says:

    I work with Miditech, a production house. I was looking for some one who could write suspense and thriller in the paranormal premise and I came across your association with Sudarshana Dwivedi. I was wondering if you could help me connect with her?
    Also, I believe Photography gives a person light.

  4. Gopal Shankar says:

    Are your movie reviews available in a book form? If so, please let me know so that I could buy one.
    Gopal Shankar
    Chartered Accountant

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